‘Digital transformation’ on the ARC agenda

The focus of this year's ARC Advisory Group;s annual conference will be the digital transformation of manufacturing.

Bob Vavra, CFE Media

Andy Chatha, president and founder of ARC Advisory Group.

We will be reporting from Orlando next week at the ARC Advisory Group’s annual conference. Believe it or not (because Florida weather can be fickle in February) the real attraction for the more than 600 expected attendees is four days of cutting-edge information on manufacturing. Really.

ARC analysts and industry leaders will lead the discussions over the event from Feb. 12-15, with the focus on the digital transformation of manufacturing. “We’re seeing signs of positive disruption via digital transformation everywhere we look,” said Andy Chatha, president and founder of ARC Advisory Group, in a press release. “Today’s smart, connected, information-driven industrial enterprises are making better use of their assets and data to improve business and regulatory performance.”

Cybersecurity, particularly in the process manufacturing sector, will be a key topic, but sessions also will focus on topics such as connected systems the Industrial Internet of Things and machine learning. We’ll have continuing reports from the event throughout next week.

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